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Our first project, “Mind’s eyes”, it is also the project we are mostly attached of and it has helped us see the world around us in a different vision. If you don’t believe us, we propose to do a little exercise of imagination: let’s close our eyes for a few seconds and in that particular moment, when our eyes are closed, let’s think about an image that represents the thing we’ll most miss if we couldn’t see…


Certainly we will feel a disconfort just on thinking about such reality, but, unfortunately, for 120000 visually impaired people this is the only reality. Even more sad is the fact that among those 120000 people there are so many children and their number is hard to be established, since it doesn’t exist exactly statistics. But, for certain, in special schools for visually impaired children there are around 2000 students. Much of these students do not have equal chances like the others when it comes to education.

The project “Mind’s eyes” has been developed by DeVision in partnership with Arvar Association and The School for Visually Impaired Children from Bucharest between May 2012 untill present. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the personal develop of this impaired kids throughout nonformal education activities such as, music, theater and literature workshops.

In our project, we started from the premise of The United Nations Declaration for the Rights of the Child, which says, “Every child has the right to an adequate education adapted to his needs and his individual abilities as an essential step into the development of a independent life and professional competences.”

Unfortunately, in Romania, visually impaired children are disadvantaged and they do not benefit of learning conditions and adequate development. The school for visually impaired children from Bucharest has 100 students who come from different counties of the country.

Project’s objectives:

  •          increase the kids interest for culture and spiritual enrichment, with the purpose of encouraging them to open their hearts and discover their talents;
  •        involving the children in extracurricular activities, given the fact that most of them live in boarding schools and are, somehow, isolated from the outside.


  •          theater workshops that have been attended by professional volunteer actors who have teached the kids how to control their emotions, hot to speak more convincing and they have even involved them into the creation of a play;
  •          music workshops: presentation of some instruments such as piano, violin, clarinet; some kids have even learn how to play to these instruments;
  •         organization of a Christmas concert, within the kids, the volunteer professors, have singed along with Vlad Mirita, tenor at The National Opera.

Continuity of the project

During the development of the project I have discovered that visually impaired vision are confronting with a lot of issues and that is the reason why, starting with the school year of 2013-2014, we will extend this project. So, in the new project  students will be involved in workshops that will help them to communicate easier with others, it will drag them out from their social isolation in which they have been put by the educational system and it will also give them support to build a career.

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