Our first project, “Mind’s eyes”, it is also the project we are mostly attached of and it has helped us see the world around us in a different vision. If you don’t believe us, we propose to do a little exercise of imagination: let’s close our eyes for a few seconds and in that particular moment, when our eyes are closed, let’s think about an image that represents the thing we’ll most miss if we couldn’t see…

Starting 2012 we organize music (piano & violin), theatre and literature workshops in the School for Visually Impaired Children. We have a powerful team made of our volunteers: Alexandru Burcă, Gabriel Stănescu, Iulia Burcă, Constantin Urziceanu, Catalina Dudinski și Mihai Ripan.

One of our good friends and also a friend of the school, the tenor Vlad Miriţă came gladly to perform for the opening of an upright piano donated to the school.

Accompanied on the piano by pianist Alexander Burca, Vlad has enchanted the hearts of little ones.

Our final action in 2013 and the sweetest one as it happened very close to Christmas.

The children from Visually Impaired School went to the Chocolate Factory where they discovered the secrets of a perfect chocolate. Meaning on each child's desire and taste. They learned the ingredients and each one of them made his/hers own chocolate.

We think the challange ws more for the Heidi personnel who had and managed perfectly to organise a workshop based more on tactile and smell sense than on the visual one.

This March we participated at the Mărţişor Fair organized at Petromcity.

The lovely mărţişoare (trinckets) were made by the children and by our colleague Alina.

We raised over  3000 lei and with this amount we managed to buy some necesarry equipments for the school.

In MAy 2014, with help from some volunteers from Petrom, we managed to make a cooking workshop in school, with 10 children.

The goodies didn”t resist long after cooking ;).

Many thanks to our volunteers for patience and involvement!

We are trying to raise funds to buy a minibus to bring the children to school as many of them abandon school as their parents don't have the means to take them to school.

This year we started 2% campaign with messages in braille.You can read the messages on the images in the gallery.