Education is one of the most important interest domains of our organization. We believe that all your life you learn something. That's why we implemented a self help project, “Brick by Brick”, for young professional between October-November 2012.

What were our project's objectives:

  •         to emphasize the importance of personal development over the human being, from both, professionally and personally;
  •        to make a change into the professional life of the young ones, either they are at the beginning of the road or they have accumulated a little professional experience;
  •          to help the young ones to discover and develop their real potential because we believe that success in life is strong connected with development of personal abilities.

The results we achieved:

  •          6 workshops organized in the period of october-november 2012. Approached themes: public speaking, leadership, communication, personal branding.
  •          around 150 participants with ages between 18-35 years.