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Thank you for being you!

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What I most like about non-formal education and Erasmus+ projects is that they are empowering, inspirational and they help you discover yourself and other people! We finished yesterday our Erasmus+ project „Graphic facilitation for better communication” and it is almost impossible to express in words how great it was. 24 young people from 6 countries managed to learn in just 9 days so many things and to be creative in such a spectacular way that they just amazed us and exceeded all our expectations. Their passion and interest for the project can be easily seen from the videos, brochures and materials they made. Thank you everybody for your talent, creativity, openness and desire to learn, to share and to have fun! It was one of our best projects and I am sure it will be extremely difficult to exceed this experience. Once more we have the proof that each individual is unique, amazing, but a team is more than amazing, is a bunch of excellence, understanding, communication and uniqueness and it gets far more results than just one person.

I think thank you is one of the most powerful expressions and we should not use it just in a general way. So, thank you Alistair for being fun and awesome, thanks Mindaugas for being so talented and inspirational, thanks Goda for your feedbacks and creative ideas, thanks Gintare for being so interested and involved in your team, thanks Ray for your originality and ideas, thanks Javi for your energizer and sharing of experiences, thanks Sheila for your excellent team spirit and help, thanks Tom for your fabulous drawings and video, thanks Paul for your meditations and positive energy, thanks Drew for your positive vibe and for being so inspirational, thanks Illaria for your interest and desire to learn, thanks Sara for your team working and communication, thanks Luca M. for your calmness and good ideas, thanks Luca P. for your experience sharing and feedbacks, thank you Georgi for your communication and ability to connect people, thanks Ami for being so involved and interested in learning, thank you Alex for your excellent input and equilibrium, thanks Gabi P. for being so talented and ready to share your talent with us, thanks Gabi S. for your energy and nice envelopes, thanks Emil for your interest and sincere interest in topics and people, thank you Denica for your positive energy and motivational attitude, thank you Cristi for being such a nice host and helpful person.

An extremely important element in each training course are the trainers and what I loved most about this project is that it had the perfect combination between interesting topic, great participants and awesome trainers. Thank you Oana for being well organized in your ideas, creative in tasks and energizers choosing and very helpful with everybody  due to your awesome personality and thank you Paul for furbishing our participants talents, for sharing your talent with us and for being such an inspirational person.

MULȚUMESC! THANK YOU! GRAZIE! AČIŪ! БЛАГОДАРЯ! GRACIAS! Hope we will have the chance to share our experiences in Graphic facilitation 2J

For all of you who want to write an Erasmus+ project or to apply for trainings in Europe, please do it, it will be an experience that will amaze you and will be worth keeping in your hearts!

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