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Connection 2014 – the conference of those who turn ideas into sustainable actions

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I went to Connection thinking that I would have the chance to meet nice people and start new projects. People who could inspire me with their stories and could help me drawn better my story. It wasn’t very clear for me how my story develops and what I want to do in the future.

Inspired by everything that was happening around me, great views, restless but at the same time soothing river that ran in front of my room, I thought about my story. I remembered that it started when I was very little and I liked to play with puppets who were my pupils and I was the teacher. I didn’t know then that after years I will be in charge with a national campaign of the European Commission where I was supposed to work with children and pupils. I didn’t know that I will start an NGO with four friends and we will try to help disadvantaged children and we will succeed to change their lives as much as it is in our power.

Somehow, looking back at how my story started to be shaped, I tried to figure out how to continue it and I realized it has many levels, many beautiful people without whom I would not be able to get where I want. I work in a field where I have to face challenges daily, where I have to control my emotions all the time, to communicate what needs to be communicated, where I meet children and teenagers who give me from their energy to be able to continue. Simultaneously, I get involved with all my soul in Devision’s projects knowing that my success means a smile brought on a visually impaired child’s face or the chance to a better education for disadvantaged children. I feel that although it’s not very clear to me how the story should continue, it is the one who is carrying me to the place where I need to be. And, what can be more beautiful that let yourself live the story of which you are a part instead of trying all the time agitated to shape it? At Connection I managed to take a step backward, to have a break from the agitation, tasks, to do lists, to think, to analyze and I understood something very important: each person has his own story which he shapes together with the people around him and in each of us there is the strength, the will to change the story when we feel that it does not represent us anymore or when the end seems to be different than the desired one.

Connection helped me to better shape Devision’s story, I came back with new ideas, and our dearest projects, on long term, is to change the sad story of visually impaired children from Bucharest, to help them go to school, go in the parks, have a usual childhood and not become socially assisted adults. We are sure that our story will have a happy ending thanks to you, those who believe in us, who supports us and helps us continue. We want to thank you because you are the forces of good in our story.

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